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Newsflash: More Family Fun at Mara Intrepids
Kenya’s most famous tented camp, Mara Intrepids, launches an exciting new chapter in the history of the East African safari this month with the opening of the Maasai Mara’s first dedicated ‘family tents’. The tents – featuring two double bedrooms, a lavishly appointed lounge, and three separate verandahs – introduce new levels of comfort, convenience, and peace of mind for families visiting one of the world’s most legendary wilderness areas.

Through the provision of two bedrooms interlinked through a central lounge, parents – and other relatives – can enjoy precious time alone, while knowing that their children are safely accommodated close by. Both of the family tents overlook the Talek River, where hippos and crocodiles can be viewed by day, and leopards and lions heard – in the complete safety of the camp’s fenced grounds – by night.

The family tents are part of an extensive refurbishment of the Mara’s best-loved camp, which will see all of its 30 double and twin tents replaced and refurnished in classic ‘Intrepids style’ by the end of July. The first nine tents will be ready for occupation when the Mara’s famous annual migration brings more than a million wildebeest and zebra flooding onto the Paradise Plains from early June.

Mara Intrepids is rapidly gaining a reputation as the place to stay for adventurous but safety-conscious families visiting Kenya. The camp’s highly acclaimed Adventurers’ Club offers visitors aged between four and 12 a long list of educational activities, ‘small game’ studies, traditional craftwork, nature walks, and visits to local Maasai villages – all in the company of an acclaimed group of highly-trained, multilingual children’s guides. In addition, Intrepids has just taken possession of five new Landrovers, including two ‘stretched’ seven-seaters ideal for large families.

Which all confirms that Mara Intrepids continues to lead the way when it comes to adventures for the young at heart – regardless of their age!


Our Mission: Staying on Top
The Heritage Management Company’s mission is to provide its guests with the high-quality safari products and personal, attentive service for which East Africa is renowned, together with the flexible options and sophisticated “extras” demanded by today’s discerning traveler.

As a responsible and patriotic host, Heritage is particularly committed to conserving Kenya’s fragile wilderness areas and supporting its poorer rural communities. To minimise the impact of its individual properties, the group has implemented stringent environmental and community policies to govern its waste, water and energy systems, monitor purchasing and levels of local employment, and channel support to beneficial development and conservation initiatives.

The Heritage group is also working to develop long-term programmes to more successfully combine the latest environmental technologies with traditional local knowledge in creating a model for low-impact ecotourism in East Africa.

A Long, Lasting History: Strong Roots in Africa’s Soil
The Heritage Management Company began its life as Prestige Hotels in 1988, as a management company specialising in the operation and marketing of Kenya’s leading collection of safari camps, lodges and beach resorts. Since its inception, Heritage has made a name for bringing luxurious accommodation to some of Kenya’s wilder locations – and bringing back to East Africa the top quality service for which the region is rightfully known.

Today, Heritage’s business has expanded from the traditional family safari marketing (in which we still claim indisputable leadership) to cover other emergent sectors, from honeymoon couples to watersports enthusiasts, business travellers and modern-day explorers.

Heritage has continued to expand the group to meet the changing requirements of a growing and increasingly diverse clientele, including a greater focus on environmentally responsible, conservation-oriented safaris and a deeper immersion in the fascinating cultures of our Maasai and Samburu neighbours. The company has also begun to place a much stronger emphasis on the interpretive and educational nature of our safari product.

  • Heritage strives to bring back to East Africa the quality service for which the region is rightfully known. We deliver Value.
  • Heritage continues to build focus on environmental responsibility, conservation-oriented safris and a deeper immersion in the cultures of the Maasai and Samburu people. We deliver Authenticity.

Our Environmental and Social Mission
Each Heritage property is committed to conserving the surrounding wilderness and to supporting the local community that holds the key to its future. By combining the latest environmental technologies with traditional local knowledge, we are working to create a model for sustainable ecotourism throughout the East African region. We are committed to developing and empowering all of our employees, in order to improve the performance, standards and reputation of the local hospitality industry.

Our Brands - The Explorer Portfolio
Our flagship camp in the heart of the Maasai Mara and our enchanting desert-island hideaway on Lamu Island offer the very best of both beach and bush, while our private partners invite guests to visit some of Africa's most luxurious properties on wildlife reserves in Laikipia, Maasailand and the Great Rift Valley.

Our Brands - The Intrepid Portfolio
With four of the country’s leading safari destinations and a flexible range of ‘fly-in’ options, the Intrepids portfolio will maximise your time on the ground – for a thrilling mix of wildlife viewing, ancient culture and modern sporting activities.

Our Brands - The Voyager Portfolio
Heritage Hotels’ Voyager brand offers the very best value-for-money safaris in Africa, with a tantalising combination of beautiful beach, bountiful bush, and the kind of service that has made Kenya the toast of the safari world.

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